Thursday, January 06, 2005

So here I am again.........

Well after a long time I am back again. Had fun-filled holidays and a full month of sheer bliss. So as usual had some troubles gettin up for the 8 a.m. slot. But now I think I am back in the groove. I was disturbes as some people here are giving up on blogging for totally obsure reasons. I just hope thoses people say back and increase the blogging community here.I just hope the right message has been sent and will be thought upon. Rest everythin is as usual .
The reason for blogging this early hour is because my first slot was cancelled. Reason: prof didn't turn up. Its so damn painful. First of all breaking the sound sleep for a class that is not there. I would have enjoyed a good hour's sleep more today , but for the prof who did not have the courtesey to inform us in advance. For the record I never thought prof's had any courtesey towards students here (though the vice- versa opinion is rather more strong). Well that's about it.
Gotta hurry for the next class...........


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