Monday, November 01, 2004

another crap quiz!!!

So another crap quiz. Really not in a mood to discuss it right now (it’s a real pain). Over time I have found out that nothing hurts as bad as a bad grade. That is the sole worth of whatever work people put in (I of course do not belong to this group).so cutting the crap aside I today want to give an insight into the IITM campus. I will put up photos very shortly.

It’s quite difficult to describe the campus as after two years even the most unusual sight has become all the more familiar. As entered the hallowed precincts of this educational abode, the thing that captivated my mind was the rich forests and the scenic canopy of trees that is breathtaking to say the least. Agreed that you will crib and say that all educational institutes worth their salt do have wilderness in the vicinity, but this is different. The refreshing campus of 630 acres has a lot of very old trees, especially the banyan ones. To top it all spotted dear are as common as stray dogs are in Indian cities. Initially I was also surprised but then these deer have adopted very well and are a sight to see (of course if you are not used to seeing them every now and then). The icing on the cake is of course the black-bug. It is one of the endangered species according to the WWF. The campus is roughly triangular (so it is a pain to go to the main gate from hostels or department blocks). There is also a lake in the campus. All in all it’s, one of the best campus in the country.

There are 13 hostels (to the best of my knowledge). There is a girls hostel and then there are all sorts of hostels like U.G. hostels, P.G. hostels mixed hostels (ya it has U.G. and P.G. both), MBA hostels, married student hostels etc. etc. a new hostel for freshers is under construction presently. The environmental lobby is quite strong over here. Ours was the first IIT to ban the use of powered vehicles inside the campus (to my great dismay). So we have to slog on with our rickety bicycles to every place inside the campus. The institute has started electrical buses, but frequency is not up to the mark. Will add up later.


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