Sunday, October 31, 2004

gotta study but.................

Well the one thing that I found out during my blogging experience (yeah I can see your grins), is that it is dominated by guys from the IIM’s . Well gotta do a thing or two about it. And to top it all IIT does come into the picture, but somehow IIM guys pull us don’t represent its true picture. Well some defending on the home front is not inevitable but also necessary. But that requires time (costly but not as costly as in IIMs????), and I have a quiz tomorrow. Well the really good thing about quizzes is that all boils down to what you do in that one hour (er 50 min.). You may study well, have all the answers on your sleeve, but the Profs will still have a trick or two to deceive you. Well yes I am studying and so is everybody else, but final outcome will belong to those having not only the grey cells and skill to burn midnight (or shall I say entire night) oil, but to those who keep their cool and try to score as much as possible knowing fully well that nobody in general is going for full marks. Everybody is just trying to ensure that he/she (for all practical purposes I can safely neglect “she”, cause a good engineer (hey not me) knows how to approximate best), just stays above the class average.

I have read a few blogs but missed out on IIT ian stuff. I will be happy to get a few links. Hopefully we will be able to present s true picture of IIT’s to the blogging junta. Catch you soon.


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