Friday, October 29, 2004

I will give it a shot

Well I am one of the new comers to the well-entrenched blogging community. So I guess, I am not experienced enough to write decent and that too daily mundane stuff that people will read. First of all people will read me, nice try! But then it’s me dear for who I am writing all this, just maybe my memoirs. So right now I am supposed to mug for my quizzes coming up on Monday. Well that’s THREE days away. So it’s too too early.

You know what amazes me is that really how drastically and dramatically a person can change in just a relatively short span of two years. two years ago , I would make a big fuss of my exams months away, prepare hard (I see your raised eyebrows ,but believe me its truth) and score good marks( please you got to believe me here too ). Oh my god what days of heavenly pleasure. But then not every day is Sunday.

As it turned out I met my waterloo just two years ago. I joined the IITM. The initial euphoria was music to the ears, but I soon realized that I had exhausted all my supply of “Sundays”. Yeah sad but true. I started with the initial hiccups that every pampered and protected mom’s kid faces. But I faced things pretty nicely (at least I think so).i was able to maintain my fort but only for the storm to blow it to shreds literally. So while other future engineers started to focus more and more on engineering, I started to lose focus of my primary and for that sake my only objective (no prizes for guessing it dudes). So things started to get troublesome. Well actually it were my good performances that propelled my ship, for they were the sole fuel. Once I faced a tough nut and that was it. I failed to crack it. That broke me and I got a string of results that were not music to ears. That’s when I lost my confidence (perhaps the mistake I will remember for the rest of my life). Since then it has been the same ride. Actually I could never get along in my insti. Bad results lead to worse, and finally doomed me. There was no reason to scale down my aspirations (second mistake). And take satisfaction in mediocre grades. But then that’s life you have got to square up to the challenges, rather than turn your back on them. I learnt the lesson in life the hard way, probably the hardest way .but no regrets, I learnt the lesson. And to look at it in an ironical way, tell me how many people have failed in life? (I mean officially).hope those with an iota of grey cells will catch me!!

So that’s it and by the way I also learnt about disaster management, crisis control and related things that too with a very practical case study at hand. Now that’s not bad at all (hope you will agree, at least some dear ones will).so that means I am preparing a base for my future options……..well keep guessing, for I am not going to reveal my cards so early dear. And last but certainly not the least you can pass all sorts of comments towards me at . I will appreciate all comments from wise bloggers and especially some blogging fundaes will be welcome. Till then have a nice and great time. Catch you soon.


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