Thursday, October 21, 2004

down n out n impish?????

Well, let me take this opportunity to say that i am a
new member of the blogging community. I used to read
them but being the inherently lazy fellow that I am, I
never wrote one. So please bear with me and we will
see how it turns out to be.
As a matter of fact, the last two years have
been the most painful years in my life. I did not do a
single thing right, and am still reaping the
(undesirable) fruits of the seeds, I had sown. I came
two years ago to this institute called the IITM. Ya,
it was a dream to go to IIT, but then I never expected
life to change so dramatically and drastically. I
thought I had it in me to be a good engineer, perhaps
an obvious over-estimation of my capabilities.
Well what I want from the well entrenched blogging
community is to give me a few words of advice on this
entire concept. I hope people will respond. Goodbye
and have a great time.


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