Sunday, November 07, 2004


So I am back again .Yeah yesterday and today were painful. I had a lab exam in E.Mech. Well I would rather avoid talking about the subject i.e. E.Mech. , cause I reminds me of experiences that are extremely difficult to describe. Almost all of them are regarding my pathetic performance. So any way I had this exam at 3:30 p.m. today. So as any “normal” IITian I completed my lab report at 5:00 a.m. (boy that was quick!!!) today. After that I had to go through all those experiments and try to make sense of what they mean. If only I had paid more attention to the experiments, when they were actually conducted. But then this has been the way labs have been going for the last two years. So I tried to do my best by sleeping at 5:00 and again starting to mug at 9:00 a.m. somehow managed to get a decent picture of all the experiments. Still was dreaded about a couple which I knew were grossly as well as relatively time consuming and demanding.

And as it turned out, I got the most peaceful of the experiments. The moment I read the aim, I knew I was through. It was really quite simple for all the stress and tension. So completed the formalities and got drenched in the rain. (Yeah, rains in Chennai, really!!!).

Other than that, the usual stuff. Got irritated at the republican victory and that too by 3.5 million votes. The really bad trend is the emergence of centre right governments the world over. Everywhere from Latin America to Europe to Asia, this wave is spreading unabated. So it is naturally for a liberal centre leftist like me to be saddened. Let me give you an insight into the American election’s distinct feature. The democrats are present only in the western and eastern coast. While the entire middle America is washed in a republican wave. The blue regions are totally overshadowed by the vast expanse of the red patches. This is something the democrats have to really stare hard at. They are losing their appeal to a lot of sections. The fact is all the more painful because southern states like Florida have 70,000 odd Indian-Americans. Add to that the middle Colorado with 11,000 and the eye of the storm Ohio with (38,000+) Indian Americans. Though most of the Indian Americans are in northern or north eastern regions (Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Minnesota and, new Hampshire etc) that are traditional democrat strongholds, still a discomforting picture is emerging. Due to most of the sops that republicans are offering to the affluent, they have been able to wean off most of the well-off Indian –Americans. So where does it all leave us. Last time it was almost 50-50 for both. This time republicans lead 51-48, thereby implying that America has moved to the right. So democrats have to pull up their socks. Real target is middle and more prominently South America. The last two democratic presidents have been from south, Clinton from Arkansas and carter from Georgia (I think I am right). For that sake republicans repulsed very well as Bush is from Texas. So the answer lied in grooming a strong leader from south, a bit more aggressive and one who will not shun away from religion talk. Yes it’s important for democrats to get back to the evangelical Protestants, not to indulge in any appeasing but ensuring that they do take democrats as a serious option.

Well this is what happened in 2004. lets compare this with what was the score in 2000(Al Gore) and 1996 , 1992 (Bill Clinton)
So democrats have to pull up their socks and try to do something drastic to win over the american mainland, that has been under the firm grip of republicans since a very long time.


And of-course saw the smashing pictures of congress-elect bobby Jindal. Why do we Indians always have our chests swollen whenever we see an Indian connection? Bobby hardly speaks of India, and his election will not do anything positive or negative to us. Still the media will make a hero of him. I here would like to clarify that this view is based on the general perception and not because he’s a republican. I think we generally feel proud if any person achieves something and has an indian connection. I mean cut the crap, I would rather heap praises on a complete stranger who has compassion for my nation , than someone who has fame and power , but is unwilling to use it for furthering my nation's causes.< style="color: rgb(255, 204, 204);">
Well I was generally browsing today when; I got an interesting article on, < style="color: rgb(255, 204, 204);">the whole issue of M.K. Gandhi not being a recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize. An interesting article on the Nobel site, bears testimony to the true legend of our nation.


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