Monday, November 08, 2004

3 weeks for the mini-crucification!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So it’s me again .had two days of inactivity. Lethargy has creeped all over. So shaking it off I have to start afresh tomorrow I mean today. This sem has again passed of in a jiffy. We got LAN connection this sem. As one of my friends rightly said the only thing he did this sem was to search for movies on LAN effectively and efficiently. So that’s about it, but really this sem was comparatively less crushing. I mean yeah workload was there. But management seems to have improved a bit. For a few subjects bulk has increased drastically, but the really surprising thing is that they do not call the shots rudely this sem.(this is for those who understand our lingo).

Got a lot of plans about holidays, in December. Real bad thing is that hardly any of them will see the light of the day. I dump them here only and all I do at home is sleep and eat. Hopefully this will change for the better this time. Obviously the stakes are higher this time. I was happy to see that the E.Mech. Lab passed off peacefully. The micro. Lab remains another pain. But the real struggle will be the end sem. I generally do not perform when it matters most here, the end sem. That has to change this time. Ya, I know that’s a tad difficult, just as expounded by the meaning of “quicksand” in the movie replacements. So gotta get back to winning ways. Hopefully will be able to pull through this time at least. It’s the classic case of now or never for me. If I am able to pull through this on I will be in the hunt here during placements next year. Otherwise for all practical purposes I will have to think seriously about my future? (Ha-ha…….)

So some serious study is in the offing. I dunno till when will the enthu last. I get pumped up, but lose motivation too quickly. Somehow, I have to bring in the required enthu and make it last, if not till eternity at least till the end sem. Till then I hope things will fall in place.


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