Friday, December 03, 2004

Its all over finally.................

Ya , its finally over and that is really a good thing , in fact the best of things. The ordeal ended today after nearly a week of senseless mugging and slogging. And the sad pasrt is that nothing good should be expected out of all the hardwork. This is the cardinal principle that I understood after five semesters here. So in a nutshell , this was another hell of a semester. Hope not to be awarded with (another) of those cups , as I have had enough.
So I am finally leaving for my sweet home tomorrow. It is such a pelieving thought. One month of sheer bliss and mindless indulgence. I really crave for these breaks.This is the first time in five semsters that I am not going on the day when the exam ends. So so sad. Well really not in a mood to do anything today. I think I will just surf and sleep. Zzzzzzzz.............


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