Friday, January 07, 2005

So here comes the first weekend. Perhaps two days of sleepy bliss. No need to wake up early and make the mad rush to classes in sleepy daze (but the problem is that good things dont last for ever). So within two days it will be back to business.
As usual the same old semester resolutions............and the initial enthusiasm about them. Finally deciding thatthis semester will herald into a new and much better era (who the hell am I kidding???).
So with the first weekend arriving , I think now I am pretty much settled and ready to use the customary "Shift+Del" operation on all the so-called resolutions. Do hell with em.........
Today I tried to attend a lecture of a certain g*a*s*r*a*o(this is too dangerous to reveal real identity) . And look what he did. He BUNKED ,precisely the reason for him to get the heavenly delight of being his student (again).(Bad things keep happening..............again)
I am having good 3 hors sleep in the afternoon. Something that has been keeping me alive n kicking during the noght. But yes once the lab starts , I will have to give up this pleasure.(good things sometimes hardly start)
I think I am becoming a chatterbox too.I mean ,I have acquired a high tolerance level to be able to chat alongside lunatics , fanatics and morons in chat rooms. But my pre-concieved notion that only idiots abount in the chat room stands as a wrong one. I mean I did meet intresting and sane people (of-course i admire as well as pity their condition as they had to deal with me). But overall , I found out its really not worth the time and energy. So will try to put a full-stop on chatting soon (atleast a comma .....I swear). As of now , my bed is too will sleep like a.........well nothing comes close to gaurav of-course in this department.


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