Sunday, January 16, 2005

Snoozing Sundae ZZzz.....................

So the last three days were spend on trying to figure out what sensible to do? Lots of deadlines to meet, but as has been the standard case , no attention to things that matter.So another three days whizzed past me and I am still where I was.

Time and tide wait for no one , but then for me nothing needs to wait . I have stagnated since long. I gotta shake myself from the self-imposed incessant slumbering . All I need is a spark plug rather than fuel itself. Atleast for the present horizon looks barren , but then all is takes is a butterfly -effect.Perhaps one is in the offing.......................I need to grab it with both my hands (and with anything else I have got).

And for all those who might tend to disagree, here is a comment by an intellectual that is sure to raise a lot of hair (perhaps a few fists too). I am neutal on it though I believe Brand-tarnishing is always concerned with only the established ones.So perhaps another good reason to believe that everything is on track (with a pinch of salt if its too much to digest). Here's Dr. Amitabh for you.

A peep into the world's happiest people (atleast the author thinks so). And you are in for a pleasant surprise.


Blogger dasan said...

same pinch.... (the template)
u seem to be edging closer to your spark plug....

9:38 AM  
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