Thursday, January 13, 2005

BLOG : word of the year!!!!!!!!

I am not a gossip blogger and will never be. But one big event was the interview of Aiswarya Rai on CBS's highly acclaimed 60 minutes. Nothing great in that accourding to me , but then I am a self-confessed difference of opinion guy. So for those keen followers of Bollywood , some food to chew on......
I was very happy to find out that the messers of World-Com are finally being made to pay the price for their mishandling. So now the top management has to ensure that nothing slips under their nose or they be prepared to face the music. My only concern is that if Enron bosses are too held accountable that will spell added troubles for the government and people linked to the Dhabol Power Project.
The Shankaracharya eposide has already creating a lot of ripples. I am a person who believes that every person is equal to the Law , but that does not mean that someone should be denied a free and fair trial. And media has to display a bit of maturity (I bet that's too much to ask for) while handling such issues that are close to people's links for this as I am not buying anything till the picture becomes clear.
And the news that something was fishy on CBS was particularly difficult to digest.So one the legends of our time had to show the door to four employees. Hope the lesson is learnt.
Perhaps the man many would overlook (only those morons who do not read between the lines) , because of Azimji's larger than image is none other than the charismatic and shrewd Vivek Paul. Those who know the game are aware that these days , its Vivek who has steered the company to its lofty heights. Wanna have a few fundaes from the God Himself....................
For people still wonderding , what the hell is a circuit breaker here's a take.maybe not so much for student people as for Sarathi who need to update his neolithic notebook.
I still have a lot o potentially good stuff to give links to, but alas I dont have to miss the "Rao" classes.(got two in drab luck to be blamed). So time to catch the forty winks.
And to sum as last but certainly not the least ,Merriam-Webster has named BLOG as the word of the year. Yo man!


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