Wednesday, January 12, 2005

monotonous day as usual !

Someday I will start a blog that will be more close to who I am , not as superficial as this one ..............and maybe name it Mein Kampf. Not as a prelude to the internal Hitler that has long been supressed, but perhaps to the rebel inside me.Yes that's the problem with a public blog. You have to be constrained and ensure that you express views moderately. That in simple words means saying get lost when you might as well have blabbered out @%#$ off as a reflex action. And it came as a pleasant surprise that rebels abound (even with this IIT-tag). So time for me to become a more serious rebel and do something different.................Again the customery "what the @%#$ !". Not for me , but yes here are two people who believed in themselves and did what they felt was "Right" for them.Meet ponnappa and Rohit Gupta .

After one of the classes today one of the prof came and exhorted people to attend the lecture of IEEE president (atleast that's what I heard). He also called upon students to become student members of that organisation. I dont know how many people will finally fall for the bait, but one thing that struck me was the comment of a fellow student. He said he does not require to join IEEE ;reason: He has secured more E's than there are in the organisation's name , so maybe no need for him to enroll himself....................I don't know if that was funny or stupid.

Another class , I have given up thinking and am more of a plain copier than anything in power elcetronics. Goodness , the blues have started to appear on the horizon a rather too soon.
I am trying to figure out what the prof is trying to do in High voltage. I mean , he is the extreme opposite of slot F prof (hey , what's his name?). One teaches as if Schumacher's driving his Ferrari while the other being a corporate manager (or may I say maniac) , understands his social responsibilities well and teaches like an Indian bullock cart . Maybe the bulls are down , despite the stock exchange bulls at the zenith (maybe a step lower than that). Anyways it dosen't bother me , cause my sole efforts will ultimately be concentrated in keeping the wolf away from the door (a slight modification and you will get the point).

Cancellation of afternoon slots (two not one) , was great news for sleepaholics like me. Hoping that the trend contionues (though I know its more than day dreaming to even think like that) . So I am crashing now. ZZZZzzzzz...................................


Blogger hellscream said...

cool dude i never imagined that ur languge was too psude. anyway developed a cool homapage yaar.

5:03 AM  

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