Saturday, January 08, 2005

the first weekend.............not so rosy though

So comes the news of another split, this time around its the BRANIFER one. Well I seiously do not think Jennifer will come back to Brad again (a la-Friends reunion between Rachel and Ross). Guess that's the difference between real and reel life. Many thought this marriage would stand the test of time especially after the TOMCOLE split. The American take on it
Another lazy afternoon . Woke up solely for lunch (Breakfast is never on the menu on weekends.............unless exams are right in the offing). Even now I have loads and loads of sleep in my eyes. Hopefully the net offers some relief as I sleep all over the net.............err surf.
So the NRI wooing goes on unabated at the third Pravasi Bhartiya Divas (its PBD) in the financial capital at an estimated cost of 6 crores. And Tytler is saying this is just for a bonding and no business intrests...............who the hell is administration fooling (not me for sure).
And for foreign policy entusistics , here is an interview from the diplomatic godfather of our times. Happy reading


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