Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Lots of stuff , to stuff down the line..........................

<> So the Indian government has given the green signal to the ONGC to bid for the assets of beleaguered Russian giant Yukos. Hopefully ONGC will get through and get a presence in europe as well.Hoping that ONGC pulls off this successfully.more .....
The Chinese dragon is sweeping all over the world.I am waiting for the Indian elephant...............alas my hope : Will the long wait be worth it??
When the news came it shocked many (atleast me for sure) .But now as one tries to digest that a Chinese government owned company has strightaway (oh no , this is a gattam favourite) become the third largest in PC business , maybe I think deals like these are in the offing. So noe the red dragon is going all out to chew on what is available. This business has of-late become a business with shrinking profits with cut-throught competition from the top two viz. HP and Dell. But the major deal between Lenovo and IBM is seen by many as a win-win for both the companies. Now , one will see how Lenovo will manage the business.So Lenovo becomes the latest addition to world-class Chinese enterprises making waves throughout the globe , others being TCL (television) , Haier (white goods) and Baosteel (steel) . Waiting for more on this.............................this is a good article
Tsunami , my first acquaintance with this word dates back to my seventh or eighth grade. And I was relieves to know that Japan bears the brunt of their onslaught, courtesy the pacific ocean which has a lot of volcanoes to spur monstrous earthquakes. And I was shocked to find that after Japan (15%) it is Indonesia (14%) which has tha maximum probability of being ravaged by a Tsunami. Goodness me , I was never a big fan of beaches as some of my friends. But just as one finds out always , here too human greed has played a major role in aggravating and perhaps magnifying the crisis. And I read a few articles about how mangroves were destroyed by scrupulous builders in Mumbai’s coastal areas. So in absence of any natural buffers like coral reefs and mangroves we are dangerously exposed to the ocean. Such a big price for shrimps farming and builders. Hopefully someone in New Delhi is aware and willing to do sufficient.more ......

And one of my least liked (I think “hated” is better but not appropriate ) corporate czar is going about with his expansion plans on track. Rupert Murdoch pulls off another acquisition to further consolidate his colossal empire. I just hope Sony is able to upset Star Plus for prime time viewing in India. Come on Jassi , I am pitching for your victory rather than Wendi Deng (for those who do not know , she is the mogul’s Chinese wife).
Wanna read another Murdoch foxing.

Too bad , that AMD (another favourite) is predicting less profit.

And finally some leadership fundaes from the desi-Bill gates a.k.a. Narayan Murthy. Patience is a virtue, so start cultivating and read now.

Too add a little more of slump, British retailers are in a shock for a below par performance in the festive season. Got any fundaes on improving on improving sales??..................maybe Santa can help!!!!


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