Monday, January 10, 2005


ALL SMILES:Co-founders Larry Page(right) and Sergey Brin(left) with CEO Eric Schmidt

One of those stories that really revs up your heart, your body starts fluttering and adrenaline pumps up in the upper quarter for a change. Perhaps the finest and most intriguing entrepreneur story after the Micheal Dell spell for me atleast. Well even Dell computers was a sustained growth and came up in a characteristic professional manner. Perhaps very similar to our own Infosys. But Google is a truly mind-blowing saga of two brilliant students who changed the rules of corporate world, with their bubbly enthusiasm and missionary zeal towards their work. In less than a decade, these two Stanford drop-outs – Sergey Brin and Larry Page have created a monstrous company that today has a market capitalization of over $ 52 billion. Adventurism, innovative strategies, hunger for success and a sharp insight as well as vision has catapulted these two Stanford drop-outs to the top. These two have already earned the wrath of no one other than Bill Gates and taught the seer a thing or two inside his own territory (google desktop search engine). And the saga continous……………………….

My salutations to the two stalwarts. Hats off to them.

Perhaps I think Stanford drop-outs are really on the path to something great in the corporate world. We have our own Mukesh Ambani virtually running the entire Reliance. Add to the “elite-list” Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer. Now that’s a news in its own right.
Check out the complete story and get GOOGLED


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