Sunday, January 09, 2005

a lazy day Zzzzz.........

Today was Sunday. No exams and no assignments to chew on (who cares about assignments anyway?). So practically had the entire day to myself. Had pledged to wake up early (by my standars .......any guesses). Got up finally at 10:30 a.m. (Glad that I made it in a.m.). Accepted that I was up till 3-4 a.m. , doing surfing and practically timepassing in front of computer, that is an inexcusable reason for sleeping like a pi*. But yeah this sem , these few initial days are only for timepass. Because new things are shaping up. Will write when things finally come true. And they will , I bet!
I have become a computer addict of the worst kind. I mean I am literally losing out on all outdoor activities . My parents will kill me if they come to know of the way I live here!!! By the way today was the grand bath day. A great , loud and boistrious day for me as I spend a good half an hour trying to scrub myselves clean. The mess people are back to their old pathetic "food". So all in all I believe dust has finally settled on this sem too. That means gotta work (I mean the verb not the noun). And the worst thing is the beginning of the week. That long week ahead (and the worst thing................................only I can pity on my plight).


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