Thursday, January 13, 2005

mundane (mean) musings ........................

Another boring and monotonous day on the verge of slipping out. I got first hand experience of another lab and from the first impressions are as they should be for a lab(I mean its rather too harsh to brand it as pathe@#$ and hope$@#%). Tried to get the experiment done for sometime , but then realised that it wasn't worth the time and effort ( as far as labs are concerned , I got the notion long time ago). So it was a good two hour timepass and will continue for most of thursday afternoons this semester.

Squaring off against two r*a*o*'s is no mean feat by any standards. And imagine the horror when you have both as the first two hours in the morning. A big fight to shake myself from my eternal slumber and trudge towards the classes with a zombie's appearance. So I deserve pats for attending both..........(and may I add , I was awake in them ................ now that is too much to ask for). I should be easy on myself , too much exertion..........(no need to laugh at this please).
I am just trying hard to find a little inspiration to get me going to the mess. I mean , I do not expect anything great but atleast, atleast something edible. Otherwise the customary rice "stuffing and gobbling" operation. Dhabba is calling .....................................

Now onto some intresting stuff.................I got a mail some months back stating that the mythological bridge between India and Sri-Lanka has been rediscovered by none other than NASA. Being a hardcore athiest, I would never buy such a preposterious story. But just for a look , these images are a heavenly delight.I do not want to antagonize anyone , but I always thought premier American organisations had a lot of important things lined up (maybe to fix Columbia's problem for a change). Guess I am good at making wrong assumptions................

On the corporate front, Martha Stewart is finally free (home confinement is as good as being free). But the diva has a lot of difficulties still ahead. And comparisons with Mandela will only invite more wrath than sympathy from even her own employees. So the 62 year old lifestyle trendsetter is supposed to spend the next five months in federal jail.

And Asia's richest person, telecommunications tycoon Li Ka-shing is still going strong. His company Hutchinson Whampoa's strategy has yielded the desired dividends. Thw launch even in India was restricted initially to market consolidation in major circles, before looking towards expansion.And with 3G delivering the punch , the future looks rock solid and yes it rocks for the Hong-Kong based company.

A look at Businessweek's best and worst managers for 2004. It was relieving that Jeff Immelt has occupied the top spot.Kudos to him.Stepping into Jack Welch's shoes meant a lot was expected and the timing to take the top (may I say hot) job was the worst. Days after being at the helm at GE , 9/11 happened and growth stagnated. So it was a terrible phase for Jeff , but hats off to him as in just two years he has brought the trademark Jack Welch double digit growth. So finally Jeff has arrived and delivered a superb performance. Maybe now the pressures of stepping into a legend's shoes will lessen and Jeff will emerge from Jack's shadow and carve a niche for himself(I think he is already past it).

A corporate ploy by one big house to pull another , rather than build its own. I hate windowz , but this battle is taken a little too far , accourding to me. Anyways an innovative strategy to counter monopoly. I bet Microsoft's undisputed position is under threat as never before. Be it AMD, Google or IBM all are hell bent on hurting it...................So will the Seer from Seattle be able to pull this through ??? (a 50+ billion dollar question).

And lastly for all those would-be-enterpreneurs some words of advice from three gods . Liberal doses of caution interspersed with preppy morale boosters. Bottomline: its not everybody's cup of tea , but that does not mean one cannot have the tea. But are you prepared to face the scalding tea on your skin. If yes go for it full throttle, knowing well that anyways few succeed and those who fail may hardly get another chance..............................tough nut!!!

Assuming you have succeeded in crossing the first hurdle, here is what is required to preserve and maintain your brand. Not as onerous as the initial task , nevertheless one that will put you to a test that's as difficult as sipping tea without the cup.........................


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