Saturday, January 15, 2005

early morning bliss.....................

I am good at screwing up things. Today my blog itself was at the recieving end. I tried to use my expertise (omigosh!!!..........take it with a truckload of salt ) at coding to improve the ambience of my blog. And the end result was on expected lines. I ended up doing collateral damage to my blog.What used to be my blog appeared as $@%# (not even the customery greek and latin). I was really relieved that I had the brains to try a preview before making my changes permanent. So saved my blog from becoming rubbish and trash (maybe with all the shit I blabber , it still has those properties and worse). So the billion dollar question: Didi it make any change at all?

A lot of positive developments are taking place , but the CIA report "Mapping the Global Future" comes as a pleasant surprise. Should I buy the story? Hmmm...........I mean the local media has gone all out and painted a rosy picture when in reality its just flowery. Read this article from Indian media and this from the American one. The contrast is striking. And add this Russian one and you end up scratching your head. What does this report really indicate ? (if at all it does) I mean trusting CIA is too big a folly . The reasons for it to come out with such a survey and making it public appear sinister to me. I can smell the strong stench of heaps of dead rats. Maybe the "Davos World" ( China and India) will play a central role in the world , but not as big as local media will sensationalize it to. But being a self-confessed eternal optimist , I do wish the report comes true (and more).

In the quest of becoming a truly global power(or perhaps to increase its chances of a permanent security council seat) , India refused foreign aid for the Tsunami disaster. It was not declared a national disaster , despite the epic proportions of the tragedy. PM just said once that it was as bad as a national disaster. It was always expected that the administration will be caught slumbering soundly. And with the Tsunami phenomenon a new one to deal with , the problems of the affected people increased manifold. So much so for the "pride" of our country. I mean we can trade dreaded terrorists for the lives of a few hundred passengers , but cannot allow foreign rescue teams to aid in rescue of hundreds of thousands.this dosen't cut ice with me. To add to that the confusion reigned supreme as warnings were issued and later denied . Who rang the alarm bells was a mystery and chaos was the name of the game. This aticle partly sheds light on the entire episode.

And a funny story (atleast I found it funny). Uttar Pradesh will soon have a new college in a village at par with IITs (atleast the CM Mulayam Singh Yadav thinks so ). So ambitious a project and the icing on the cake. It will be named not after someone from the scientific or technology field but after Amitabh Bachchan. Alas do we have shortage of people with sound credentials in these fields. No hard feelings against Bachchan , but a technical institute with his name is difficult to chew let alone digest. The only point of convergence of thoughts was that the college will ""also"" teach what IITs don't teach. To shed some light most colleges in India teach what IITs don't. i think the ""also"" is a misinterpretation on part of the media................

Veerappan is long dead , but here is an intresting article on him by an international economic portal. International perspective is less biased and transparent in these cases.........

Cassini-Huygens was successful in sending photos back to the earth. Kudos to the scientists behind the mammoth 3.3 billion dollar giga(mega is too small) project. the latest news on this front.......................

Google retains its undisputed position as the numero uno web search engine. Its intresting that finally Yahoo and MSN are offering some sort of competition. Sergey Brin and Larry Page will have to find some new innovative strategies to hold on to their fort in the long run. I adore Google , but I abhore monopoly more than anything. Healthy competition is the best of all.


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