Sunday, January 16, 2005

Sleepy Saturday............

Well today I finally managed to shake off the mountainload of slumber and added a few things to my blog. That is made it more hopeless than the original. I have a knack for screwing seamingly good things for reasons totally oblivious to even me. I finally addded some links but those were too haphazard to be of any use practically. And added that idiotic chatterbox. But the problem is will anyone care to peak? Then again #$%@ others. This is something that I am maintaining for myselves. Anyways just trying to figure out what actually increase a blog's profile? Gotta have some clever tricks up my sleeve. Problem is these days there are no tricks left behind. All are used (or rather abused) and the verdict is the same...........................failure of epic proportions!!!


Blogger Govar said...

If I may say: people might care to peak if you reveal a bit more of ur identity. :) Anyway, u got a nice writing style. Carry on...

4:56 AM  

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