Wednesday, December 07, 2005

I am goin crazy.........

Now I had taken a vow few days back not to crib about things. Seemingly simple stuff that pisses me off. Alas I had one of my notorious outbursts a couple of days back. And thanks to my A.I.R. (the national radio for a change) neighbor (am kinda short of adjectives for him), everyone knows how absolutely crazy I am. As a matter of fact I am and my anger management techniques are really not working. Anyways, I am really sorry for Abhi and Imran. God bless their huge hearts as they simply forgot the tiff and abhi messeged me "no issues" before I could tender an apology. Still the whole farce leaves a very bad taste in my mouth. Some kids grow rather too slowly.
One of the reasons I had decided to skip home during these holidays was that I though just spend a last holiday in IIT, for a change. That was quite a shock to most of my friends as I am always on the look for any opportunity to get back home. I also expected it would be fun to live without any care. But turns out I was wrong. Today was a really hectic day and its still not over. I spend the whole morning looking for my project prof. Now that I have lost my only mode of travel it pains to walk the long walk. And on top of it I had to make the trips twice to ensure that I keep my morning plans on schedule. In between I hopped back to finally deliver my intern evaluation report along with that of a friend. So two trips and no result. I came back to realize it was the last date for the CV submission of a company. Again fight in the afternoon to write something that can remotely resemble a CV. A pathetic ensemble of under-achievements and the sheer bulk of non-sense is what remained of that CV. As an added precaution I had to write "Resume" so as to prevent any sensible person from dropping it into the trash bin. And to top it all I had to submit the CV's of two dolts who I have already named. One's enjoying cosy comforts back home while the other is getting his ass whipped for something referred to as Inter-IIT. So I had to brush their equally pathetic resume's and get them printed and submitted. Then again tomorrow 8 a.m. is the last day for my self-study project report. And I haven't started cause I don't know what to write. I have to head back to the lab at 9 p.m. so as to get back to work for my project. And I was warned by the research scholar that it might be well past midnight before I can head back to my room. And Das will kill me for not writing a stupid HS presentation that I have been procrastinating all along. I am getting nuts. And frankly speaking I dont have anything else other than the deadline tomorrow morning to meet urgently. but am not sure as to what to jot down. Oh ! goodness me. These holidays suck big-time and I am longing to get back to my sweet home. I hate to admit its not even a week before the holidays started. I might as well exchange the holidays for this pain................if only wishes were horses; begger would ride and I would sleep off.