Friday, December 15, 2006

Strikes dont kill me..................probably never will

And then again WB went back. The root problem is that we can change , evolve and adapt but still a hyena remains a hyena. It just cannot transform into something different even if it wants to. Two really negative events happened during the course of the last week. One perhaps is an ongoing saga that will probably continue. Singur probably is the last effort of mamta banerjee to get an iota of political milege after the sever drubbing in the last elections. Once politicians raised a hue and cry the usual social wannabes and a few activists gathered round the unknown area as flies swarm over sweets. Buddhadev knows what will happen if he lets the Tatas leave. Its a desperate situation for him as WB had been really warming up to the competition in the last couple of years. IT was infact placed outside the purview of strike disruption. IT majors came in hordes but will become hopelessly apprehensive if Singur continues for long. In the midst of this came the AICTU strike. And the only states that were highlighted bear the red flag. Even the IT industry had to bear the burnt of the strike. I dont have any idea whether to support the government or the opposition on the singur issue. A commoner like me would like to see that industries are extended all the facilities to grow and prosper. But at the same time they should not come at the cost of common people. Unfortunately this is precisely what happens in developing countries. And WB govt. is not justified to pay the poor farmers only one and a half the price of their land. Its far too less and if the claim of opposition of it being prime land is true then I am really against the whole idea of this manufacturing unit. But as things stand today there is more at stake than just a piece of land here. The communists will not let anything come in the way of their decision. Not in the only state where they have a semblance of existence , no no wait well the only state which they virtually own. The entire left ego's edifice is at stake and hence singur will happen.And sadly the recuperations wont last long. Sooner the issue will fade from public memory and the social activists will be back in the cool confines of delhi to place a defence for Mohammad Afzal. Not that I am against it but the irony is soon they will have another issue to keep themselves busy. Ditto for what happens in Vidharbha. People make tall promises on the eve of the winter assembly of the Maharashtra legislature but soon the haves fled to mumbai and everything is forgotten. This is the ritual that happens all the time. And shit-headed bastards like me keep jotting this down as if others don't know it. Maybe we lack the guts to do anything and placing blame onto someone is such a kick. It gives a virtual satisfaction without having to do anything physical. The inner angst is thrown out and I become normal once again. Maybe that's what is the job of all the people. This is mine and I keep doing it without doing anything that really matters...............


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