Wednesday, December 13, 2006

anger management is essential when.........


The Maintenance,

Aiswarya Lake View Apartment,

Sir, I have to write this letter as I am finding the maintenance office closed by the time I reach home or leave for office. Someone is playing a mischief of disconnecting our cable connection for the past couple of days. I reckon it’s the responsibility of the maintenance to take care of such nuisance and as such I am writing this letter. I can assure you it’s a valid connection and as such you can check it form the cable guy. Also the only reason its taken form outside is because the internal wiring is not working. Also I do not have the time and energy to call an electrician to do the internal wiring. My biggest grouse is how anyone just cut my cable wire can. What sort of indecent and impolite people live in this flat? Who is playing the dirty mischief? I can assure you that the wire causes no problem to anyone but us as its parched high on the ceiling. For an apartment which levies a fine on its people who are late by a day for payment of maintenance such repeated acts erode its credibility if any to zilch. I do not have the time to attend the meetings of the apartment but I still want to know who if at all has any problem with the wire. And as the maintenance person in charge I expect it to be your moral responsibility to ensure that such incidents do not repeat in the future. I also expect you to fix the problem by calling the cable guy whenever you have the time. I apologize for the mistakes in the letter as I am really short on time for the last couple of days.

I hope that necessary and stern action will be initiated against the perpetuators and care will be taken to ensure that such dastardly incidents do not occur again


Residents of C 201


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