Monday, May 23, 2005

comp-less suddenly

I had enough with my computer and I conciously decided to part with it. I used to spend a hell of a time on it doing all sorts of non-productive or more appropriately quasi-productive things.I took it to my internship company and freed myself from the self-imposed addiction. Its damn hard to be without mozilla firefox and wikis and googling around the web, but then I had to do it. I really think that bereft of this addiction, I can spend my time better. By better I mean more productively. Just hoping it does not end like all other thoughts of mine....................

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Am back !

So I had a big break. Partly it was to focus myself on the exams but then such gimmicks are as bad as New Year resolutions, good for nothing. One week of pure defensive play has left me severely battered (and wounded mentally). Kudos to Rahul Dravid for perfecting patience in the face of an onslaught. But then some people (like me) never learn……

This is perhaps the first time that an exam end hasn’t triggered the euphoria or the sense of relief that comes with the end of a chapter. I guess it depends on the way one closes a chapter. Things that leave bad taste in mouth just remain in the memory for a long time. And I am pained as I am not going back home this time due to the summer internships. So this will be my longest duration without me going back to my abode. All this for an internship about which, I have no idea at all.

The last three days have been “empty”. That’s the closest I can come to describe them. I am practically left with nothing to do. It’s like an avalanche drop in the amount of work one is expected to do. And I was really not in a mood to go somewhere to freak out. Just stayed in my room and listened to same songs and watched the same movies again and again. Not to mention that the good part being the episodes of friends. Its simple awesome and unlike movies one can watch em over again. Though Joey isn’t that good still it makes up for time pass .Even watched a few episodes of wonder years. Thanks to the LAN one can always have something to watch. I watched Jurassic park from the LAN again and it was really great. Especially, since I was watching it after more than a decade. Hats off to Steven Spielberg………..

The construction of an adjacent hostel is really a pain. Only three floors have been raised (out of a total seven) and even now the constant noise frustrates me no end. And the constant chattering of the laborers in alien languages at wee hours adds to the pain. Just hoping the hostel get constructed as soon as possible.

So I had my internship going this week. The first big trouble being, work on for 8-10 hours. Never in my life was coffee so important. It helped reinforce the belief that we are practically doing nothing during the semesters.