Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Incessant Idleness Irased.......

So finally I am alive again on my blog. But this time something has changed. And it has changed drastically. In fact it wont be wrong to say I am altered. The muted genes deep inside slumbering have been electrically woken up. It is a stupifying madness that has engulfed the world around me. Its consequences are far-reaching (meaning limited to the third wing in Ganga). The Tsunami , India's UN seat, Reliance saga, Bangladesh's victory over Australia or even Google'e PayPal rival Google Wallet sound nothing in comparison to it. It is bound to sweep people out of their heads (ya not feet). And mere mention of the phenomenon will lead to a blasting grounded Concorde screething back to life only with the minor difference that instead of Concorde my friends will shout "lies""lies". But the resulting chaos will rival that famed Concorde noise to obscurity.

OK OK ........ I got it.People have got pained to get to know the earth-shattering mystery. But I should warn though the recurperations are as mentioned they will hold good only for me (and yes more than me to my wing-mates). It all started with my interns a month ago.One of the fact is that I came to know about my latent ability to handle 8-10 hours of work. Now that's music to ears already. In addition, I have also found out (after three years albiet), that I can stand pure South Indian food. What used to evoke a "yaak! $@#&" etc. now only results in "what-ever". Sitting in front of a PC is acceptable, but to do that daily (Saturday included) is commendable never the less (those who know me will vouch for it, rather swear). And I have managed to attain a 100% attendence record in my interns. Now again, those familiar screams "lies""lies" are deafening. But even I am finding it hard to beleive. And the icing on the cake. I am taking bath twice daily. I am already visualising Chiknaa and Das imitating the sleeping-laughing smiley of Yahoo messenger. Yeah, its revelation to me too. Just hope some of the activities "remain locked" when things really matter viz. durings semesters.