Thursday, April 07, 2005

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Another long break!. And yes quiz was never the reason for this break. As usual I wasted a lot of time during the 24 hours between quizzes. One interesting habit I developed last week is having serious recuperations now. Last week I for once overslept during my first exam. Last day mugging is usual, but it too requires some amount of anticipation as to what one has to prepare for. So another Rao got the better of me and I had to literally burn all thoughts of sleep on Sunday night. So an extended night-out turned out to be a long one and finally I could hit the sack at around 6 a.m. Now knowing me as well as I know myself it was foolishness to expect that I would be awake in less than two hours. So I had a nice cold shower and was surprisingly refreshed for the exam. Came back from the exam and slept all the way to the evening. So what started unexpectedly became my quiz ritual. Sleeping off at noon and studying in the night. I mean a total phase-reversal in the sleeping habits. And I was more refreshed than I used to be with a two to three hour rest at night. So much so for last day studies…………….

Not that this adventure had any impact on the end result, still it left me grappling with the end of the quiz week. I had to shift back to usual routine as I had to attend classes and all. It was really a hell of a journey to reset the biological clock to its original timing.

This was way back. Somehow could not just post it on the blog. As the prospects of facing six PMT’s become more and more clear and nearer, its basically make or break situation for me. To add to the agony is a project in my minor Financial Management. Now the course was basically taken as a “cool” subject. I was expecting to cruise all the way as has been the case with all humanities courses. But then I think I grossly underestimated the potential pain (might as well say nuisance) value of this subject. Now the irony is that we are on top of the moon when there are no quizzes. Ditto with this subject. And now we have to grapple with this totally new subject and face the entire sylabbus right from the first day…………..Now a potential time-consumer when this should have been a cake-walk. And to prepare a comprehensive project in this subject when I still am not aware what is the difference between balance sheet and profit and loss account. But anyways I hope to google my way through the project.

Lots of things happened sine the past few days. Certainly the rains deserve a worthy and well-earned mention. I am really happy that it rained and the temperatures were a bit down. Just hoping the weather lasts as long as it can.

Now I am no book freak as most of my peers here. Still I am waiting to lay my hand on “Winning” the latest offering from Jack F. Welch, the former CEO of GE. His last book “Straight from the Gut” was a treat. Here’s a sneak peek into the Winning. Seriously hoping that some of it rubs onto me too…………………………..

Hats off to Google for offering 2 GB free and poking fun at equivalent paid services like the one offered by yahoo. Seems Google wanted to have the last laugh after yahoo flicked Flickr from under Google’s nose. Long live the corporate wars. In between I am waiting for someone to invite me to Yahoo 360…………………………


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hey gaurav.....where r u?long time no post..

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