Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Abnormal addiction n silly mag.

Speaking of addiction, let’s get back to the usual suspects in this domain. Fagging and boozing are an inescapable reality here. No point running away from them. I don't want to take sides and be biased towards a particular side. Pros and cons apart , to dwell into the aspects that govern this behavior from an ethical, moral and scientific way is a topic that has been discussed endlessly in hostel rooms to corporate boardrooms to courts to et al. People have come up with all sorts of vague, silly and irrelevant arguments to adore or abhor this institutionalized addiction. But let me relate an ironical view that provides an insight into the realms of smoking from an IITian's view. Cursing the mess food is a daily ritual that everyone diligently follows (hardcore maggus included). So much so that decent meals are also under fire as being bland and tasteless. So is there any other solution on hand other than going to Dhaba express (local eatery). Seems there is........

(Read at your own risk and do not even think of practicing in reality as it is performed by professionals. It is practiced by that particular species that are owe their allegiance to the God of lunatic-maniac-devilish tendencies, if any exists. Practicing is abhorred as it requires mutation of your thinking to the point where justification for the sake of justifying oneself is a reflex action).

So one of my friends (name kept secret to avoid getting killed), has recently concluded his research on the alternative to the mess food. Eat at mess but supplement yourself not at dhabba but at good old taramani (nearest suburb around hostels). Here is the balanced diet: - one fag (for the uninitiated it’s a cigarette), two bananas and plenty of water. Absolutely speechless! So am I. But then things like these keep happening every now and then here. The point is not to debating it joking (or rather PJing) quotient, but to rather wonder at how one can digest this thought. I am already hungry for the mess food...............

And you keep on bumping into people who startle you with stunning (read impractical and shady) inventions and discoveries. One suggestion to the editors of the fourth estate: If you start publishing some articles like these, the magazine will find some readers inside IIT at least. I doubt how many people other than the editors neighbors happen to gaze at the cover. Yeah gazing at cover is in fact a big favor to the team that manages the magazine as most articles are pathetic by even the most liberal standards. No wonder that people would rather read any prof's notes in their free time than take the trouble of going through the worthless articles, which are the hallmark of the magazine. The name fourth estate is a misnomer and a poll should be conducted on the lines of the general elections here. Reason: choosing an appropriate name for the magazine or better still dump it so that when our non-IIT friend asks for a copy of the magazine, we will be spared of a white lie.

It seems I am on a criticizing spree. Since the last so many days I am at a war with one and all. Am on my way to be a critic of sorts ........But I do sincerely believe that I will have a lot of supporters on this issue around here as it is undoubtedly true.

I hope the first paragraph is not read by a particular fellow whose hypothesis is being mocked at and the second by the wise men at the helm of fourth (grade) estate...................


Blogger dasan said...

A critic huh ?
Nice, though I felt you lost it a little in the last line....

11:04 AM  
Blogger Gaurav said...

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11:48 AM  
Anonymous smilingricha said...

reading a critic's pt. of view is always interesting......... n so was this post..!!!
by the way..chill out,dude!! being an IITain is always a matter of pride,right..

10:32 PM  
Blogger Josh said...

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