Thursday, January 27, 2005

Escaping the Escapes.......................not really!

I have realized in about two years one profound change in my temperament. I have become an escapetionist. I was that bubbly guy, always ready to jump at any opportunity, howsoever insignificant that may be. An extremely curious, answer-seeking, vibrant and extrovert kid. And now I am the perhaps the exact antithesis at its worst. Some where down the line, I think I lost the beam of light and wavered to a completely new direction (more akin to turning back).

These days escape seems to dominate hopelessly in everything I do (or am forced to do).So I try to find a way out from my classes, labs, writing notes, lab reports. This nature has obviously slipped into the supposedly most important stuff I am expected to do here; study. It has also invaded other domains like playing (which I used to enjoy a lot initially). I also lost many other active spheres to this activity, about which I am not conscious presently. All I can say is that most of my actions these days are primarily governed by it.

The other day, I was cribbing as usual in a lab. On second thoughts, I found that the experiment was really worth the sweat (and for the record: no sweat in AC cooled labs).So somewhere the tendency is overpowering and is getting the better of me (or has it already?).

So maybe I should not be running away like this. I should be brave and face all the hurdles head-on. So much so for the enthu-jargon. Maybe I should just let-things-be. Accept that this is a passing phase in life. And it taught me a great thing “ESCAPE”. This word was sorely missing in my dictionary. Rather than just adding, I became more than adept at using it. Not all things in life have to be judged in the same perspective. The parameters as well as times and circumstances have to be taken into account. Ethics is important but certainly not the supreme thing. Its ideal and one thing engineering has taught me is that ideal cannot be achieved. So maybe let those microscopic minority fret and fight to try and achieve idealism while I am happy with my escapades.

So all in all a priceless quality, but will one thing is for sure. I put this thing to a great use here and will most probably leave it back here. Maybe this thing belongs here. But who knows for sure…………………………………


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